Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Studies and more

I decided to do at least one study every day again, because I'm really unhappy with myself and how I'm procrastinating and being unproductive.
Here is an hand holding a cigarette. Did you know that i love cigarettes? They smell so good and taste quite delicious! Try them out!

And here are some exploration sketches for a character i was thinking of recently. She is basically that rich, stuck up bitch and really evil. She slices people on the streets in half with a katana and gets away with it, cause she pays the police with money she gets from her dad.
I don't know yet if she's going to be the main enemy or not. Maybe Evelyn fights her in a snowy area. Or maybe a deserted train station!

At least having to post everyday keeps me motivated, so hopefully till next time!

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