Thursday, March 21, 2013

Epiphany time

I think i really have to figure out what i like when it comes to the art-style i pursue and the general direction of my career.
It's always a good idea to take look back at your childhood, because there you will probably find the reason you wanted to do art in the first place.

The cartoon  from my childhood i most vividly remember is Ren & Stimpy. Back then, when i was 6 years old or so i watched it on Nickelodeon and i just couldn't believe how funny it was. Everything was designed to be funny, it was straight to the point. It stood out from the other Nickelodeon cartoons like Doug or Rugrats, i could see that even as a small kid.
Yeah, Ren & Stimpy influenced me a lot and it had a great impact on my aesthetic feel when it comes to art.

I realized that just today, when i was watching one episode casually. It was a games animation episode though, but still great. Especially the paintings, wow. I had to screencap those. (copyright viacom i guess)

Childhood feels right there.
Also realized that not all characters need to be nice looking and model-like. Take Wario for example. What a great character, i always wanted to do an fanart for Warioland 4 (also childhood game). Gonna tackle that soon.

Anyway, onto something different.
So my graphic novel is ever changing and shapeshifting. I definetely settled for the setting: A Starbucks cafe'. Evelyn gets to fight some hipsters there. One of them needs to be french! Here are some horrible scribbles i did.

Need to find some cool designs for the hipsters. They need to look ridiculous.

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