Thursday, January 24, 2013

Butts and Akthof

Today we went to Akthof! It was awesome and fun, but i stayed for only two hours. Still, plenty of time to draw some old man.

Also, here is some drapery practice. Not much more intended than this.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Studies and more

I decided to do at least one study every day again, because I'm really unhappy with myself and how I'm procrastinating and being unproductive.
Here is an hand holding a cigarette. Did you know that i love cigarettes? They smell so good and taste quite delicious! Try them out!

And here are some exploration sketches for a character i was thinking of recently. She is basically that rich, stuck up bitch and really evil. She slices people on the streets in half with a katana and gets away with it, cause she pays the police with money she gets from her dad.
I don't know yet if she's going to be the main enemy or not. Maybe Evelyn fights her in a snowy area. Or maybe a deserted train station!

At least having to post everyday keeps me motivated, so hopefully till next time!

Monday, January 7, 2013


Hello there,

Here is some stuff i did for a 2D sidescroller Hack n' Slay project for my uni, currently under the name "Project Kunoichi". I'm pretty sure it's gonna turn out awesome since the team consists of cool, talented people and we will just OWN this shit.

First here are some moods and colors of the first level i did (gonna do more soon):

Some hair silhoutte concepts (sorry went a bit apeshit on some of these):

For a katana, I'm currently modeling, I did this blueprint. It's the tsuba, which depicts four heads of a black panther:

Still need to finish up and texture the katana.

Yeh, it's kewl.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gengar and more stuff

Finally back in munich!
Here is some drawing of my favorite Pokemon for Pokadvent Calendar. Gengar! (I also kinda like Cloyster though.) Listened to some Pokemon Ost's and Chicago while painting this in Photoshop CS6.

Also i went to the Glyptothek for the first time recently. Full of 2000 year old greek marble sculptures. Definetely some place to remember to go in the future!

Some sketches i did a while ago:

Gonna post more often, let's hope everyday, in this blog. See ya!