Thursday, November 8, 2012

Self imposed doom and game idea

Yesh today was kinda sucky drawing wise. At least i managed yesterday to draw some concepts for a turn based strategy game i have in my head. Oh and if anything of this sounds funny in english i apologize. I'm writing this half asleep.

Sooo the game is basically not that different from games like Fire Emblem, Advance Wars and so on but i plan to mix some different ideas in to make it more unique. In the first pic, you see how the basic overworld screen is looking:

If the player clicks (or pushes since it would be cool on the IOS i think) on the unit, it will show the move range (he has a movement range of 3 hexagon fields for example). Oh, you can see that the enemy is in attackable range! What are we gonna do?

We gonna move the unit into position to attack of course:

When a fight is triggered, the screen changes into a short battle sequence where you can see your character (left) fighting in her mech against the enemy. I think showing hearts instead of HP would be really cool (also, you could increase your "life" by finding heartpieces scattered on the maps, zelda like) . Sorry, these are no real designs, just hastly drawn things for illustration purpose:

I know it's lacking more deep ideas but right know i wanted to get a clear visual picture, the most important things (function, gameplay, navigation) are yet to be explored.

And onto something different, here is a practise i did:

And why self imposed doom? I want to complete the comic till 21. december. Well, will i be able to draw that much in such a short time? (I think there are around 40 days left). I'm fighting with the first page since days, it's really hard. Anyway, here is a sketch (yet unrelated to the events in the comic?):

That's it, folks!

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